21-Day Mindset Makeover

with #YourConfidenceCoach | taught by Tina Moore Brown
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Tina Moore Brown
Tina Moore Brown
Your Confidence Coach

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Confidence Coach | Author | Entrepreneur| Professional Certified Life Coach & Certified Christian Mentor

Tina Moore Brown is a powerful speaker, teacher, motivator and supporter of underdogs everywhere.  With over two decades of leadership experience, public speaking and most importantly real-life business experience, her view is unique. Tina understands that confidence is key and in order to succeed in any area in life one must first connect with one’s true identity in order to own the level of greatness one carries.   

As the CEO of Tina Moore Brown International, LLC and a Confidence Coach, Tina is known for showing emerging leaders how to unlock their potential, identify their true purpose and walk in power they never thought they had so they can boldly show up and serve the audience that’s waiting on them.  She is the founder of The New Now Next Movement where she coaches tomorrow’s leaders into their next level in business, faith and life.   Tina is also the author of “Unleash and Soar: Start Today Living Boldly and Beyond Limits” and her latest book “SHIFT”.  Tina holds online workshops, conferences and live events all focused on helping aspiring influencers maximize their potential in every single area of their lives.  Tina is most proud of being the loving mother of the two most awesome kids she's ever met, Zamar and Gracen.

Find out more about Tina Moore Brown as well as her programs and products at www.TinaMooreBrown.com.

email: tmb@tinamoorebrown.com

phone: (919) 391-0313 


Spend 21-days with #YourConfidenceCoach as she shows up in your inbox and gives you assignments for each day.  How many times can you go through this process? As many times as it takes!  Change is possible no matter how many times you've tried before and failed.  Give yourself 21-days and watch how your thoughts begin to change.  


"This has been an amazing journey. School was out for the summer, due to upcoming surgery I had I was going to be out of my secondary gig, no pending or open assignments at church and didn't enroll in any summer classes so no excuses.  Excuses went out of the window. I did not have excuses for being busy or not having the time or not being able to make the time or the laundry list of tasks that had become the norm. I picked out a cool journal and set my mind to doing the work.  This was no easy task.  I'm always on the go working, studying, serving in ministry or whatever filled my daily planner so to actually sit still with myself and wrestle with my thoughts took  a lot of Jesus and the push of the nuggets that came through your daily nuggets of wisdom, reminders, thoughts,  and mantras. I started off sharing my thoughts in the morning but after surgery and being on some serious pain meds I  had to save my thoughts to late in the day or evening at which point I was more fully functional. I posted on my Facebook page and shared the graphics and my thoughts.  I became more intentional through this journey about making and taking the time for me, what I was doing,w hat I was not doing, the deferment of dreams, pushing everybody else and let my own ideas rest on the back burner. I literally started dreaming again.  I started the writing project for a concept I received during a dream and hope to complete phase 1 before the start of the fall term. This 21 days clued me in on the small foxes that can spoil the vine so self-check of the procrastination, excuses, guilt, doubt and so forth were necessary.  Why put off tomorrow what you can do today so the choice was made to follow through the process and be held accountable for putting the time and the work to the task at hand.   What I got out of the 21 days will carryover and have long lasting impact as I shed old habits and am nurturing new habits, thoughts and ideas to be better, do better, live better and serve better.  Thank your Tina Moore Brown for investing your time, talents and resources into me these 21 days. May God's blessings and favor continue to reign and rain on your ministry. #NextLevelCoachingAtItsBest" 

~Monica in MD

"I finished!!! I completed my 21 Day Challenge. Wow! Looking through this mirror showed me a lot. My thinking was messed up. I was stuck in comparing myself, shoulda woulda coulda, procrastination, and fear. 

This challenge forced me to see just how messed up my thinking has been and the delays it has caused in my life. I am no longer going to delay Me. I have a clear perspective of what's ahead and I'm excited. Thank you Tina for pushing people to do better and to want just as much for ourselves as God wants us to have. God bless you in all you do and may He bless every life that you impact and empower." 

~Deborah in NJ

"Thanks TMB!  THIS 21-Day Mindset Makeover Challenge has TRULY been a challenge for me yet one that has been detrimental in my life. I can say that as I buckled down and took this challenge to heart, it catapulted me from so many areas where I stayed constantly stuck in negativity to a place where I rest in knowing that in all that Christ suffered and died for, what cause do I have to be negative at all. 

This challenge has caused me to move beyond my norm of listening to the naysayers, the voices of society, and my past and to hear the voice of the one that speaks to me; the one that created me. 

This Mindset Makeover Challenge has been the beginning of completing many tasks that I have STOPPED versus FINISHED. I'm proud to know I finished the course and ran my race. This race catapulted me into another journey that is teaching me to categorize and prioritize as well to pick up the tasks that I must finish and in what order. NOW, I'm doing the work needed knowing I AM SO NECESSARY and it's not about me but who and whose I am!! I'm a child of the King, fearfully and wonderfully made for such a time as this, destined for greatness and chosen by God! I'm thankful I took the time to ALLOW my mind to be renewed!! A stagnant mind, stuck in darkness is a person destined for death, destruction, and non-fulfillment of destiny, purpose, and dreams! I refuse to be that person. I put my life and dreams on hold a long time ago and God has and is giving me opportunity to live again. 

THANK YOU for allowing God to use you in this capacity as MY life transformation strategist and confidence connector! "
~Roz in GA

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