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Tina Moore Brown
Tina Moore Brown
Your Confidence Coach

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Confidence Coach | Author | Entrepreneur| Professional Certified Life Coach & Certified Christian Mentor

Tina Moore Brown is a powerful speaker, teacher, motivator and supporter of underdogs everywhere.  With over two decades of leadership experience, public speaking and most importantly real-life business experience, her view is unique. Tina understands that confidence is key and in order to succeed in any area in life one must first connect with one’s true identity in order to own the level of greatness one carries.   

As the CEO of Tina Moore Brown International, LLC and a Confidence Coach, Tina is known for showing emerging leaders how to unlock their potential, identify their true purpose and walk in power they never thought they had so they can boldly show up and serve the audience that’s waiting on them.  She is the founder of The New Now Next Movement where she coaches tomorrow’s leaders into their next level in business, faith and life.   Tina is also the author of “Unleash and Soar: Start Today Living Boldly and Beyond Limits” and her latest book “SHIFT”.  Tina holds online workshops, conferences and live events all focused on helping aspiring influencers maximize their potential in every single area of their lives.  Tina is most proud of being the loving mother of the two most awesome kids she's ever met, Zamar and Gracen.

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Hear what current clients are saying about ONE ON ONE COACHING WITH TINA MOORE BROWN

"I have been working with Tina Moore Brown for almost two months now.  I have asked her numerous times “where were you 20 years ago?”.
     I saw Tina on FB about 4 years ago. We were a part of the Women of Worth community. She was one of the leaders and I watched her and was captivated her. She was such a natural, friendly, talented, open, motivating, funny and knowledgeable woman.  I watched her quietly behind the scenes for a while. I finally sent her a friend request for which she accepted and then I watched and got to know her a little better in her own environment. What a force to be reckoned with. Talk about motivating. I began to participate in her mini-challenges here and there and it felt good.
     I am a talented Christian female, filled with tons of ideas and did not know what direction to take them in because I have a lot of self-doubts, lack of self-confidence and self-worth due to my past. I joined numerous groups, followed different motivational speakers and meet with a couple of coaches since then, but my past kept coming back to haunt me and hold me back from my purpose. I am my own enemy and I always get in my own way.
     Last year, out of nowhere Tina popped up while, I was searching through my recent postings, so I started following her again. There was one difference, she started her own community,  New  Now Next with Tina Moore Brown. I got curious, so I joined and was accepted.
      I was also following two other females. I had new ideas and I needed a coach, for which I have never had, or depended on. I took it to the Lord in prayer and with my open heart, ear, and eye, He sent me a vision and Tina, who the star of that vision. Tina, it is. OMG, where do I start??? How do I approach her? How do I begin? Remember, I have no confidence in anything that I do. I am being led by the MASTER.
     I signed up for a clarity session with Tina and by the end of that meeting, I was confident that I made the right decision based on the lead that the Lord gave me. Next week is my eighth session with Tina and I have accomplished more in that eight weeks than I have in a few years. I am confident, patient, aware of when I procrastinate, feel good about myself, I now set goals and accomplish them. learned to acknowledge my gains, pat myself on the back. I am currently at a place where I can fulfill the vision that God has for me. I am confident that I will succeed.
     Tina is unique and she is anointed by the Blood, which gives her a very special gift to work with others. I can not express the gratitude and the humbling experience I have had during this time. Thank you, Tina, for following the path that He created for you." ~KB in Maryland

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